St Simon Stock pray for us

May 16, 2017

St Simon Stock scapulars were brown and Oliver was baptized near his Feast day which was July now it is today. Our little boy is growing up a year ago on May 8 our wedding Anniversary he was born. He came quickly near lunch hour angelus prayer time. Also Apparition time. 

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati in the boat

May 15, 2017

He is a Catholic guy on the website I read this link 

Someone says he snuck of to adoration and his parents sold their business for his canonization. July 4 is his Feast day and is patron of the Bishop McGuiness HighSchool in Frassati family blessed the school in Oklahoma with his spirit and he died of poliomyelitis. He was born in 1901-1925.

Loved helping the poor and “needy”.
Loved running and people run back home and lived by the train gave his fare to the poor. He a donated his money to them.

Faithful in joining organizations and did not hide his political views and was actively involved.

He loved to be a participating and helping to get young people involved his friends and helping his father. 

Frassati called the Man of Eight Beautitudes and  beatified him on 20 May 199 by St John Paul the Great. 

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati pray for us today. 

St Timothy today in the boat

May 12, 2017

MaryTV Rosary and Our Lady of Fatima With Our Lady of Holy Rosary and  Our Lady Queen of Peace is interceding for us along with other family and friends in Heaven we pray for the repose of her soul Kayla and all attending her funeral this weekend. We got a new efficacy to the rosary and it is beautiful how many silent miracles and holiness in other people lives and our lives surrounding the children with God’s Holy Love today.

Fridays for Catholics are penitential and living the messages of Our Lady are difficult though through nine days of prayer and renunciation and the joyful witness of her Son Jesus we try to sacrifice and be cheerful in the triumph days of victory of Her Immaculate Heart soon.

Devotion through the holy rosary the fasting and penance on the Fridays of the Sacred Heart  and First Five Saturdays and adoration of her Son help her triumph for her Heart to be enclosed in ours and mantle of her scapular wearing it blessed and enrolled by a priest brings about the promises foretold at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Fatima to fruition. 

We see fruit a lot in Medjugorje in the fruit shows of young people example fruit show 74 and lots of others too.

I love watching them fruit shows.

I hope to someday soon go there and do a fruit show with my family.

God willing.

Pray, pray, pray and see you all tomorrow.

St John Paul the Great & St Margaret Mary of Aloque in the prayer group today and always

April 24, 2017

Rosary with Mary MaryTV on Saturday & Sunday and forever with us prayer group we got a miracle and hopefully soon many converts souls 24/7 to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary and Jesus. We are longing for you and our love as Our Lady’s apostles to be with them in Heaven in eternity for Her plans and intentions to be fulfilled in our lifetime. Crushing the head of Satan and evil and hope in Our Lady to help us by continuing the rosary daily.

God is granting us joy and graces and so much love and mercy. 

I look forward to the days of triumph and victory of the remnant church and praying.

St Lawerence prayed in the boat yesterday and two others on the Fatima Center Calender

St Catherine of Genoa today in the boat with MaryTV mystic, wife and mother feast day 1447 birth date died same place Genoa September 15 1510 Caterina Fieschi Adorno

The day of the death she was worn out from labour of divine love and end of life divine works in her body she also converted her husband. 

Worked in hospital with the sick.

Helped by frequent confession and failed at being a nun. Became one later and then rejected selfishness and modernism. Helped convert others and love the sick today. Especially us who are sick today please. Pray for us.

Read from

Also from new

St Mark the Evangelist pray for us to have humour and love and very much Jesus in our hearts in the first place with St John the Evangelist pray dear husband Russell Unholzer converts and we live in peace and unity and obedience to God and renewal of our marriage vows too. 

Caritas love. Holy love. Prayer and faith in God our Father.St Edith Stein 

Pray for us 

Holy Mary Pray for us

Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us now until the hour of your Second Coming and Return to earth soon.St Juan Diego

St Jean de Chantel, pray for us

St Catherine of Siena, pray for us

St Louis de Monfort, pray for us

St Peter and his wife. In the boat today. Who is St Peter’s wife?

St Joseph foster father of us all pray for us today

St Patrick and St Raphael 

April 21, 2017

Pray our families are ready for the days and moments ahead for healing in our lives and family tree. Consecrate your nation by praying the seven novenas book by a friend of Medjugorje today. Order more copies give out to friends and family Pass out at Christmas time. Get a good days rest healing of this sickness and soon the sacraments return to church tomorrow.

God grant us the wisdom and repentance needed to get us back on the right path to Eternity and Heaven.

God is good. His goodness and mercy and love is forever. He gives us hope in theHoly  Eucharist.

Grant is forgiveness of our enemies and all pains and hurts.

Grant us love for one another as family husband and wife.

Get us in the arms of Jesus embrace and Our Lady Queen of Peace too.

Thank you God The Father.

Thank you for everything.

St Rose of Lima pray for us 

April 20, 2017

The conversion and souls of the little prayers we recite the miracles of roses 🌹 the scent of roses and more prayers recited for Heaven to eternity. 

For God made this saint for our times.

Feastday: August 23

Patron of Latin America and Phillipines

Birth: 1586

Death: 1617

Known for chasity and piety.

Easter Week And leading up to the Rapture Omer 

April 19, 2017

Enraptured the church with Ressurrection Love MaryTV has helped by many people believers and The Truth. I am thankful to you all for praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Holy Rosary. Today the Glorious Mysteries. 

Happy to report the new novena from Fatima Center and hope to recite it this week.

Thank you Fatima Centre and hope you all have a blessed Easter.

Enjoy the festival and feast days ahead in the future. 

St Antony of Padua & St Gertrude pray for us

April 18, 2017

Anytime we get into the boat MaryTV gets a new saint to pray with us. Yesterday St Antony of Padua and Today St Gertrude and all the other saints are praying alot.

Oh now we also have St Ancietus Monday on the Fatima calendar too.

Mary Blessed Mother of Salvation and Our Lady Of Medjugorje Queen of Peace prays constantly for all of us non believers and believers who are searching to find Jesus face. He longs for us to be willing Apostles of his love for Our Lady and God the Father.

The plan for peace is not an easy one.

It takes love ❤️ for time for the holy rosary and holy mass and the sacrament of reconciliation and many hours of adoration. 

Through devotion of the First Five Saturdays and First Five Fridays and a great love for the Holy Eucharist.

Our One Holy Apostolic Faith in the church of Jesus the bride makes herself ready. 

The church and bridegroom meet together in unity and peace. Love and hope is found in the body of christ through the great gift of faith, hope and love of marriage vows. 

Priesthood, Sainthood, Motherhood and Fatherhood all connect to the sacraments. 

Times are changing the world is changing. Peace is in danger Our Lady has told us. We need to pray for peace and the holy rosary is a sure way for that to happen.

Very much children need to pray in order to have peace in their lives.

God knows we are sinful and fall short of the glory of God. We have 20 mysteries plus the Marian Mysteries now too from Caritas of Birmingham Alabama and the other Jesus Rosary. 

God grants litany prayers and Crusade Prayers 1-170 and helpful prayers to prepare us all for his Second Coming.

The 10 commandments from God given to Moses for us is a great gift to help us live holy and sinless lives.

Here we turn for guidance from God to help us o way now as pilgrims learn the Truth and witness it to others daily and such it is windy and come and not easy to hear the still small voice in the noise of the world. Though we get to research, study, read, pray, and quiet ourselves to tune into God what he is saying to us. 

Softly and slowly we learn the ways of God.

Meek and humbly though we may not feel this way a lot.

It is a struggle.

The Christian battle hymn the Republic hymn she sings to the visionary Viscka and many times she asked us to live her messages.

Her Heaven sent Messages.

Her honest beautiful messages of hope.

God gave her in this time of history as never before the many messages.

God grants us favour and great graces.

Hope and Trust in Jesus.

God the Father is on the move to do great miracles today.

Keep the Faith Alive.



Amy Unholzer

Blessed Mary of the Immaculate Conception miraculous medal devotion

April 17, 2017

The rays of light and rings on her hands represent the beauty and grace of Our Lady. 

Good news in St Catherine Laboure the silent saint although she prayed a lot the rosary I believe and she is incorruptible. 

The one of the many holy saints of the church. Women play important role in living holiness and the messages of Our Lady.

Jesus gives us her to love and devotion for us to have a mother that continues to love and bless us. She contestantly prays before the throne of God the Father and her Son for us her children on earth awaiting Heaven here until Eternity.

Today’s saint pick was the Holy Innocents.

They are praying to end abortion and hoping to see the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus soon. 

God will grant this soon through the Illumination of conscience foretold by Our Lady of Garbandal and Blessed Mother of Salvation from The Book of Truth vol.1

God is absolutely true and good. God loves his children. He is found in the great gift of faith and the Holy Eucharist.

Jesus is always in our hearts when received purely and with a clean and contrite heart. 

God loves the sacraments and so do his children.

Time is a gift and his love is a great gift✌️

Baby Jesus

April 15, 2017

Blanket paper a new baby 👶 somewhere a 🌈 baby and through sacrament of marriage after saying yes in your vows. Josip and Christina congrats and whoever wants one adopt one God is prolife and so am I. Hopefully one day Hubby Russ and I may adopt one after renew our vows soon. Our 7 years married on May 8. Today we celebrate life with family and tomorrow on the weekend st James priest/pastor/shepherd and brother in law and sister new baby 👶 Evie.

God is grateful and thanking us for all saying yes to the great plan of the family.

Very soon culture of life will triumph with all these angels and saints in the boat.

One totally yours a Jesus baby girl.

United love of two hearts brings great joy to a family and the lives of others and the changes the world.

New Paradise not far away.

Good News.