Marriage and Sacramental bond and how to restore it

Make sure I cherish my spouse and request by asking for help not by yelling if needed and be present and help out when requested by forgiveness by carrying daily my cross and really listening and choosing to do good and having faith in freedom of my religion and having hope he will be faithful and committed without being too harsh or rough with my language and body behaviour and try letting him lead more and submit more to his leadership and from now on sacramental union restore the marriage vows and family and nation until holiness returns and true love returns and true faithful, loyal, and undying love for each other happens and the people repent and turn back to God’s laws and way of life.

Hope in Him Jesus to restore the family values and attend and appoint truth and light to each situation you are in to find and seek the narrow way and small doses of love your spouse shows and adores you in each moment and to become what you are called to be A faithful Proverbs 31 wife and spouse. God knows your every desire and knows how much you need each other and how long you are meant to have a sacramental marriage for. He knows the plan and he creates your future and loves you immeasurably and so does Blessed Mother and Jesus and Joseph the love of the Holy Family grows continues and never ends.

Thank God and be humble and show each other through your love language and be thankful you both were baptized and raised in the faith and joyful in your heart for the true One Apostolic Catholic Faith and love continuously through receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and help by our prayers as a family to be holy, lovers for the Truth.

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