Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati in the boat

He is a Catholic guy on the website I read this link 

Someone says he snuck of to adoration and his parents sold their business for his canonization. July 4 is his Feast day and is patron of the Bishop McGuiness HighSchool in Frassati family blessed the school in Oklahoma with his spirit and he died of poliomyelitis. He was born in 1901-1925.

Loved helping the poor and “needy”.
Loved running and people run back home and lived by the train gave his fare to the poor. He a donated his money to them.

Faithful in joining organizations and did not hide his political views and was actively involved.

He loved to be a participating and helping to get young people involved his friends and helping his father. 

Frassati called the Man of Eight Beautitudes and  beatified him on 20 May 199 by St John Paul the Great. 

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati pray for us today. 

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