St Timothy today in the boat

MaryTV Rosary and Our Lady of Fatima With Our Lady of Holy Rosary and  Our Lady Queen of Peace is interceding for us along with other family and friends in Heaven we pray for the repose of her soul Kayla and all attending her funeral this weekend. We got a new efficacy to the rosary and it is beautiful how many silent miracles and holiness in other people lives and our lives surrounding the children with God’s Holy Love today.

Fridays for Catholics are penitential and living the messages of Our Lady are difficult though through nine days of prayer and renunciation and the joyful witness of her Son Jesus we try to sacrifice and be cheerful in the triumph days of victory of Her Immaculate Heart soon.

Devotion through the holy rosary the fasting and penance on the Fridays of the Sacred Heart  and First Five Saturdays and adoration of her Son help her triumph for her Heart to be enclosed in ours and mantle of her scapular wearing it blessed and enrolled by a priest brings about the promises foretold at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Fatima to fruition. 

We see fruit a lot in Medjugorje in the fruit shows of young people example fruit show 74 and lots of others too.

I love watching them fruit shows.

I hope to someday soon go there and do a fruit show with my family.

God willing.

Pray, pray, pray and see you all tomorrow.

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