St Antony of Padua & St Gertrude pray for us

Anytime we get into the boat MaryTV gets a new saint to pray with us. Yesterday St Antony of Padua and Today St Gertrude and all the other saints are praying alot.

Oh now we also have St Ancietus Monday on the Fatima calendar too.

Mary Blessed Mother of Salvation and Our Lady Of Medjugorje Queen of Peace prays constantly for all of us non believers and believers who are searching to find Jesus face. He longs for us to be willing Apostles of his love for Our Lady and God the Father.

The plan for peace is not an easy one.

It takes love ❤️ for time for the holy rosary and holy mass and the sacrament of reconciliation and many hours of adoration. 

Through devotion of the First Five Saturdays and First Five Fridays and a great love for the Holy Eucharist.

Our One Holy Apostolic Faith in the church of Jesus the bride makes herself ready. 

The church and bridegroom meet together in unity and peace. Love and hope is found in the body of christ through the great gift of faith, hope and love of marriage vows. 

Priesthood, Sainthood, Motherhood and Fatherhood all connect to the sacraments. 

Times are changing the world is changing. Peace is in danger Our Lady has told us. We need to pray for peace and the holy rosary is a sure way for that to happen.

Very much children need to pray in order to have peace in their lives.

God knows we are sinful and fall short of the glory of God. We have 20 mysteries plus the Marian Mysteries now too from Caritas of Birmingham Alabama and the other Jesus Rosary. 

God grants litany prayers and Crusade Prayers 1-170 and helpful prayers to prepare us all for his Second Coming.

The 10 commandments from God given to Moses for us is a great gift to help us live holy and sinless lives.

Here we turn for guidance from God to help us o way now as pilgrims learn the Truth and witness it to others daily and such it is windy and come and not easy to hear the still small voice in the noise of the world. Though we get to research, study, read, pray, and quiet ourselves to tune into God what he is saying to us. 

Softly and slowly we learn the ways of God.

Meek and humbly though we may not feel this way a lot.

It is a struggle.

The Christian battle hymn the Republic hymn she sings to the visionary Viscka and many times she asked us to live her messages.

Her Heaven sent Messages.

Her honest beautiful messages of hope.

God gave her in this time of history as never before the many messages.

God grants us favour and great graces.

Hope and Trust in Jesus.

God the Father is on the move to do great miracles today.

Keep the Faith Alive.



Amy Unholzer

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