Blessed Mary of the Immaculate Conception miraculous medal devotion

The rays of light and rings on her hands represent the beauty and grace of Our Lady. 

Good news in St Catherine Laboure the silent saint although she prayed a lot the rosary I believe and she is incorruptible. 

The one of the many holy saints of the church. Women play important role in living holiness and the messages of Our Lady.

Jesus gives us her to love and devotion for us to have a mother that continues to love and bless us. She contestantly prays before the throne of God the Father and her Son for us her children on earth awaiting Heaven here until Eternity.

Today’s saint pick was the Holy Innocents.

They are praying to end abortion and hoping to see the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus soon. 

God will grant this soon through the Illumination of conscience foretold by Our Lady of Garbandal and Blessed Mother of Salvation from The Book of Truth vol.1

God is absolutely true and good. God loves his children. He is found in the great gift of faith and the Holy Eucharist.

Jesus is always in our hearts when received purely and with a clean and contrite heart. 

God loves the sacraments and so do his children.

Time is a gift and his love is a great gift✌️

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