Baby Jesus

Blanket paper a new baby 👶 somewhere a 🌈 baby and through sacrament of marriage after saying yes in your vows. Josip and Christina congrats and whoever wants one adopt one God is prolife and so am I. Hopefully one day Hubby Russ and I may adopt one after renew our vows soon. Our 7 years married on May 8. Today we celebrate life with family and tomorrow on the weekend st James priest/pastor/shepherd and brother in law and sister new baby 👶 Evie.

God is grateful and thanking us for all saying yes to the great plan of the family.

Very soon culture of life will triumph with all these angels and saints in the boat.

One totally yours a Jesus baby girl.

United love of two hearts brings great joy to a family and the lives of others and the changes the world.

New Paradise not far away.

Good News.

One Response to “Baby Jesus”

  1. DonnaLiane Says:

    That’s beautiful Amy. Happy Holy Easter! Thank you for always generously “liking” our posts. Your kindness is noticed. 🙂 God bless+++

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