St Matthew 

The Gospel of St Matthew is signalling a call to the Apostles a time to double our efforts of prayer for peace and the Gospa’s intentions and live the messages and 5 stones.


Holy Confession

Holy Mass

Holy Rosary

Holy Sacraments 

Holy church is important in these days and trusting the Son Jesus Our Saviour and are Redeemer. 

Our Lady Queen of Peace and the love of her Son Jesus in church and family is important to her. 

Blessed Mother of Salvation and Her mantle covers us with her promises of St Louis De Monfort.

Medal of Salvation available to get now at locations in places of prayer and apostles of her love.

Jesus is waiting for her children to say yes to God the Father holy plan to save mankind through the prayers he taught us. 

The miracles come with grace of abundantly living a life full of hope in Jesus the Messiah at his Second Coming. 

The truth in the messages bring triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is very close. 

This is a beautiful day and Forever God is with us as we journey together as a holy family. Living inn mutual love and unity together is a blessing and helps bring about the culture of life. 

Spiritual renewal and hope in our hearts today. Keep praying saints and apostles. 

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