St Paul pray for us 

We have had St Paul several times in the boat before join us. 

Praying for Christian Unity and love for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist to see his face in each other and the St Faustina’s diary is a blessing and gift for our times. It’s really a great message for our times.

The Divine Mercy is a prayer we recite daily at 3 and when we enter into prayer and join Jesus in his mortal sorrow and the family of God receives the mercy of God which is endless.

We have hope in his inconceivable and great love in Joy we receive Jesus at holy mass. Yesterday was a great Feast day for St Joseph and holy mother church. I attended St Patrick’s church with faithful servants. We had a great celebration. 

Trust in Jesus and Jesus I Trust In You.

We are called to spread His gospel. 

St Joseph  foster father of us all pray for us to live and see Jesus more and more in the holy people and each Holy Eucharist that we partake and enter in.

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