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St Martin De Porres pray for us in the boat now St Joan of Arc too in the boat

March 31, 2017

The love of God and Jesus help us with the kind of saint today in the boat.

May the shepherds and the MaryTV get graces today the First Friday today and receive help for today. The 5th week we enter lent and tomorrow is the First Saturday.

If you want more information of the First Friday and First Saturday go to

Then the Fatima Center can provide materials to you and help understand the devotions.

If you need materials Our Lady Army of Advocates can get materials too. Ask them for a copy.

Salvation station is being built and Protestants can receive these materials too. Pastor Paul Begley and his wife Heidi are in the process with their family on YouTube helping Christians be ready for Jesus Second Coming.

We have also lots of people praying for his return the Messiah. It will be happening in our lifetime.

It will be a great event in history.

It is the final covenant and the great plan of God the Father to send his only begotten son Jesus. 

Live the response by kneeling or sitting praying prayers to him. He loves our prayers and love him in the Holy Eucharist.

Saints and Angels are in Heaven only just waiting for to hear and see our smile and voice to them ask for intercession.

According to Wikipedia Joan of Arc is patron to a lot of things. Feast Day Is May 30.

Patronage France; martyrs; captives; military personnel; people ridiculed for their piety; prisoners; soldiers, women who have served in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service); and Women’s Army Corps

Native name Jeanne d’Arc

Nickname(s) La Pucelle

The Maid of Orléans

(French: La Pucelle d’Orléans)


St Paul and St Dominic Savio pray for us

March 30, 2017

The boat again got St Paul

Today St Dominic Savio

I don’t know much about him though a favourite of one of the visionaries.

Patron of choir boys, those falsely accused and junvinelle diliquients. 

Feast day May 6

St Matthew in the very boat the Holy Family loves to sail 

March 28, 2017

Today while we prayed St Matthew very much decided to help us to pray deeper and to be ready for the storms and winds. 

We have to be thankful Our Lady of Medjugorje and Queen of Peace and Pur Lady of Victory to help the church on the way towards triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

Forever grateful and trust Jesus to get us safe to Heaven and the New Paradise. 

New Heavens and New Earth and the soon new era of Peace.

Smile and join the apostles for Our Lord in the boat.

Trust God. Trust Jesus. 

Grasp your rosary for tomorrow 100th anniversary of Fatima. O Jesus I surrender myself to you take care of everything. 

St Cecilia joined us in the boat MaryTV today

March 27, 2017

St Cecilia, pray for us Amen.

Patron of musicians 

November 22 is her feast day

Birthed in 2nd century and died in the 3rd. 

Cecilia is in the choir loft at St Patrick’s church up the stairs a picture on an organ.

In real time Fr Nicholas Gruner gave advice to pray for her intercession. I have hope she is helping us from Heaven with him. 

Thank you St Cecilia!

Thank you Fr Nicholas Gruner!

Really is a great day to be sailing on the digital sea. 

Thank you MaryTV!

St Joachim and St Anne praying in the boat with us today

March 26, 2017

We are sailors now two saints in the boat of the holy family of Nazareth grandparents of Jesus.

Apostles today for the Lady Our Lady of Medjugorje Queen of Peace.

St John the Baptist another time another day in the boat

March 26, 2017

MarytTv change the way we live through this saint today. Today we had him and St Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity again wanted to pray with us. The whole people of God have holy people in Heaven praying for us and wants us to turn from sin do pennance and live the Holy Commandments to be holy. 

Young people join the communities and live the work of life of holiness feel God in our hearts. 

Turn away from sin and ungodliness. Radical call and grace available. Change the world to follow the way.

We have free will and get rid of the detestable life. Go to confession. Every week and the sacrament of reconciliation. Monthly is recommended by Our Lady and Jesus.

Friend of Medjugorje is a people of God helping us to be apostles for Our Lady.

St Alphonous of Marie Liguori pray for us 

March 23, 2017

St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori

Doctor of the church pray for us 

St John the Baptist today got picked and now we are having him pray for us who have said yes to the call.

God granted Our Lady of Medjugorje appear to the visionaries on his feast day. 

This is a great blessing for our boat sailing on the digital sea and the MaryTV channel. 

St John the Baptist pray for us. 

Maybe soon returning the King our Messiah

March 23, 2017

English Pilgrims pilgrims thank you for praying continue to pray and have hope. As peace shall triumph along side the shepherds and the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph soon. In the end the final battle we live in the days of great Jubilee expecting miracles and hope for his Soon imminent return. 

Jesus the Good Sheperd is a great man and we the remnant army love him. The children love him and the little mice here love him. 

The Book of Truth is available in all languages. 

God Bless.

St Mother Teresa of Kolkata is with us in the boat Praying boat Hail Mary 

March 22, 2017

The beautiful letters of Mother Teresa we read them in books in our lmc group and the people on MaryTV pray with her and so many other rare saints and the people are preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus.

Trust Him. Jesus in the Holy Eucharist to guide and protect the church.

In the days ahead in the history of the church and the remnant we pray daily.

The mystical body is a mystery though St Thomas and St Augustine knows we are here.

God is alive in our hearts today.

Have faith, hope and love today in our hearts.

God is on the move restoring renewing and loves us.

God blessed us with daily the with gift of the rosary.


St Charbel pray for us.

St Paul pray for us 

March 21, 2017

We have had St Paul several times in the boat before join us. 

Praying for Christian Unity and love for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist to see his face in each other and the St Faustina’s diary is a blessing and gift for our times. It’s really a great message for our times.

The Divine Mercy is a prayer we recite daily at 3 and when we enter into prayer and join Jesus in his mortal sorrow and the family of God receives the mercy of God which is endless.

We have hope in his inconceivable and great love in Joy we receive Jesus at holy mass. Yesterday was a great Feast day for St Joseph and holy mother church. I attended St Patrick’s church with faithful servants. We had a great celebration. 

Trust in Jesus and Jesus I Trust In You.

We are called to spread His gospel. 

St Joseph  foster father of us all pray for us to live and see Jesus more and more in the holy people and each Holy Eucharist that we partake and enter in.