Our Lady of Fatima 100 years and The Seal of The Living God 

I pray Fatima Prayers and the Seal of the Living God this morning morning offering. Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco and Lucia pray for us in Heaven. I am so thankful for their Christian witness and love for Our Lady and Our Lord. Through the United hearts of them miracles are happening. I see some people healed of sickness, disease, illness, and family problems solved through reciting the prayers I and others received in the remnant army. It is amazing. A blessing. Truly a great gift to the church and families, domestic life, laity, religious, and to me.

My journey as a Catholic Christian since 2004 has been a pilgrimage. I walk around praying a lot quietly. I enjoy nature God intended us to live in the earth. I enjoy being a disciple, apostle, wife, mother and friend. I enjoy the music and invite others to come to see the truth in Jesus in the Holy Eucharist through RCIA I found the greatest gift of all Jesus. 

 In a journey like no other in history joyful shouts of Praise be Jesus are being heard from men and women whom love the Lord and are placing all their trust in him the Messiah. Shows sometimes to us  signs cross mountain apparition hill and miracles and calls us to help serve his people of all peoples with joy bond of love. Movement of the lay missionary of charity with St Mother Teresa and others in and around me has brought me hope and an understanding of contemplative life and meditations for my mornings and evenings and daily life. 

St John Paul the II the Great Pope knew that truth she Our Lady entrusted us with him all those years he was with us was a miracle and Now with Pope Benedict XVI. Trusting God and providing the church with a pope whom is praying for our mission and finishing the last mission for us remnant army. Little warriors of prayer we are being called to pray, pray, pray for peace from Our Lady Queen of Peace in Medjugorje. It time to rise up as children awake from the slumber live her messages and be ready. Form prayer groups. 

I love Catholic teaching. I love Jesus. I hope in him. I love with him. I see him in my niegbour. I see him in others.

Today Peace through the United hearts of Jesus and Mary guide us to the soon New Paradise.

A new place. A new time. We live in my time she calls it Blessed Mother of Salvation’s time. 

So let’s pray a rosary today in thanksgiving and joyful meditation.

Happy Family Day!

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