Happy 6yrs anniversary of Crusade Prayers Remnant!

Please take time to pray this crusade prayer Crusade Prayer (83) For the mitigation of chastisements: “O dear Father, God the Most High, we, Your poor children, prostrate ourselves before Your Glorious Throne in Heaven. We beg You to rid the world of evil. We implore Your Mercy for the souls of those who cause terrible hardships to Your children on earth. Please forgive them. Please remove the antichrist, as soon as he makes himself known. We ask You, dear Lord, to mitigate Your Hand of Chastisement. Instead, we beg You to accept our prayers and our sufferings, to ease the suffering of Your children, at this time. We trust You. We honour You. We thank You for the great sacrifice You made when You sent Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from sin. We welcome Your Son, once again, as the Saviour of humanity. Please protect us. Keep us from harm. Help our families. Have Mercy on us. Amen.”

Thanks to God for Jesus messages and MDM. Its also the 6th anniversary of the Crusade Prayers. We the remnant continue to pray the prayers daily for mankind. It is going to be the 7th anniversary in 2017. 

Thanks to all in the mission of salvation with Jesus.

Pray for all souls in 2017!  



One Response to “Happy 6yrs anniversary of Crusade Prayers Remnant!”

  1. DonnaLiane Says:

    Hi Amy! Happy anniversary! Your blog is really taking shape. I just wanted to mention that you should not mention the Little Pebble by name for a few reasons. Firstly he is well known in Australia as a false prophet and was jailed for sexual misconduct with minors. Secondly his poor reputation is used to disparage MDM and to somehow make out that she also is false. Thirdly MDM herself was told by Jesus never to mention any other prophet on her site as it could lead people to believe someone was false or true when that was not made known at all. Lastly MDM herself asked us not to mention or promote any other prophet on our own site which promotes the Mission of Salvation. The same applies to all sites who openly link to the Mission of Salvation message or messages. Seek authenticity and obedience to God first.
    You can of course, after discernment, thank anyone you need to, privately. May God bless you and this site for His Glory! +AMDG+

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