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St Francis De Sales, pray for us today.

January 24, 2017

Really good intercession from him today. The saints in Heaven working overtime so we can have the new era of peace. Keep praying divine mercy chaplet and rosary and live the messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace. 


Happy 6yrs anniversary of Crusade Prayers Remnant!

January 21, 2017

Please take time to pray this crusade prayer Crusade Prayer (83) For the mitigation of chastisements: “O dear Father, God the Most High, we, Your poor children, prostrate ourselves before Your Glorious Throne in Heaven. We beg You to rid the world of evil. We implore Your Mercy for the souls of those who cause terrible hardships to Your children on earth. Please forgive them. Please remove the antichrist, as soon as he makes himself known. We ask You, dear Lord, to mitigate Your Hand of Chastisement. Instead, we beg You to accept our prayers and our sufferings, to ease the suffering of Your children, at this time. We trust You. We honour You. We thank You for the great sacrifice You made when You sent Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from sin. We welcome Your Son, once again, as the Saviour of humanity. Please protect us. Keep us from harm. Help our families. Have Mercy on us. Amen.”

Thanks to God for Jesus messages and MDM. Its also the 6th anniversary of the Crusade Prayers. We the remnant continue to pray the prayers daily for mankind. It is going to be the 7th anniversary in 2017. 

Thanks to all in the mission of salvation with Jesus.

Pray for all souls in 2017!  



St Theresa the little flower & St Anthony of Padua Quotes, preaching, sermons.

January 21, 2017

St Theresa the little flowerSt Anthony of Padua Quotes, preaching, sermons.

My saint for 2015

A miracle worker with Jesus and God grant us gifts through St Anthony of Padua’s intercession.

My saint for 2016

St Faustina 

My saint for 2017

St Genevieve 

Daily saints added to the list

St Sarah of Cicero

St Seraphim

St John the Baptist

St Elizabeth of Hungry of the Holy Trinity

St Scolastica 

St Benedict 

St Mechtilde

St Rose of Lima 

St Mother Teresa of Calcutta 

St Catherine of Laboure 

St Leopold 

St Blank paper and St Joseph of  Arimathea

St Thomas Aquinas

St Peter de Chanel 

St Leopold Mandić 

Cathy and Denis and I see Blessed Christine Spoleto on the calendar from St Patrick’s calendar tomorrow’s mystery St Valentine or whosoever chooses to be in the boat sailing on the digital sea 

There is also St Cyriland Methodius on the calendar for Februray 14, 2017 😉 

Our Lady Queen of Peace 

Yesterday Russell bought roses red, white and one pink. So beautiful with baby’s breath and a beautiful satin red ribbon. He is so loving and it is a beautiful gift.

Got a new saint today St Theresa the little flower he statue is at St Patrick’s little shrine. Prayers for families to live love and one another.

St Scholastica sister of St Benedict and friend of Jesus the love for her Saviour and the family extend into our family today.

St Maria Goretti 

February 5, 1990

“Pray for peace, especially you from the group, pray for peace.” Words from Heaven random message after International mass from Medjugorje

St John of the Cross pray for us. 

St Martha of Bethany

St Thomas Aquinas 

Guy named Desmiss ? How is it spelt? 

St Gabriel pray for Divine Love to conquer the world. 

St Michael The Archangel pray for us

St Peter de Chanel

St Gabriel angels praying with us and Our Lady Queenof Peace. 

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us. 

Today Again Desmiss and praying for bad guys.

St. Paul pray for conversions.

St Joan of Arc pray for us

St Patrick pray for us

St Charbel of Lebannon pray for us 

January 21, 2017

St Therese Feast Day 

This is meditation is awesome. It is called the little way. I will have to add more prayers from this rare saint here when I have time. 

I have a prayer card I received from St Francis Xavier church during the year of Mercy reading a book on her from St Patrick’s church. 

How to Prepare – the Medal of Salvation 

January 8, 2017

If interested You can purchase this medal at or I can give one Free to you when we discuss our JTM Prayer group. 

+AMDG+ The Medal of Salvation (from the Book of Truth) In this, the Final Mission, I am to be referred to, at all times, as the Mother of Salvation. My Image is to be created and a Medal struck whe…

Source: How to Prepare – the Medal of Salvation

James and John Get Their Wish

January 8, 2017

Interesting article from a Catholic father from USA on todays gospelserving the great needs of others.


User’s Guide to Sunday, Oct. 18

Source: James and John Get Their Wish