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April 29, 2015

Seal of the Living God Prayer God the Father gave his children for Protection in these days of tribulation since 2012 we arrived at point in history where Christians need more protection from all evil and sin in our lives. Love from God.

# 33 Rise now and accept the Seal of the Living God

“O My God, My loving Father, I accept with love and gratitude Your Divine Seal of Protection. Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity. I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty to you, my Beloved Father. I beg you to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal, and I pledge my life to your service forever and ever. I love you Dear Father. I console you in these times, Dear Father. I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of your dearly beloved Son, in atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all your children. Amen.”


In the recent history of our lifetime prayer and new messages

April 23, 2015

God is giving messages from Jesus’s holy Blessed Mother of Salvation Mary as never before in the history of Mankind theough visionary Marijana in Medjugorje a little loyal disciple and servant for God. she recieves them monthly the 2nd of the month and the 25th of the month all since 1981 six visionaries have messages real messages from Our Blessed Mother. Latest message May 2, 2015 for Non-believers or Unbelievers.
“Dear children! Open your hearts and try to feel how much I love you and how much I desire for you to love my Son. I desire for you to come to know Him all the better, because it is impossible to know Him and not to love Him – because He is love. I, my children, know you. I know your pain and suffering because I lived through them. I laugh with you in your joy and I cry with you in your pain. I will never leave you. I will always speak to you with motherly tenderness. And I, as a mother, need your open hearts to spread the love of my Son with wisdom and simplicity. I need you to be open and sensitive to the good and mercy. I need you to be united with my Son, because I desire for you to be happy and to help me to bring happiness to all of my children. My apostles, I need you to show everyone the truth of God, so that my heart, which suffered and today suffers so much pain, can win in love. Pray for the holiness of your shepherds, so that in the name of my Son they could work miracles, because holiness works miracles. Thank you.”

To have protection and prayers of Love and for souls we are asked by Holy God and Jesus and his Holy Mother Blessed Mother of Salvation to recite the Crusade Prayers Daily and faithful and when you can before and during the Warning which is soon to come. Please look to other blogs for more prayers and Seal of Living God as I cannot add them all here as time is limited for me as a wife, mother and sister in Christ. I pray weekly for you in our Jesus To Mankind Local Prayer Group and in daily prayer and mass on Sunday.

Be at peace and love God with all you heart.

Here is 140 to 160

(140) Protection of Hierarchy of Angels
Dearest Father, God of all Creation, God the Most High:
 Grant me Grace and Protection through Your Hierarchy of Angels.
 Enable me to focus on Your Love for each of Your children, no matter how they offend You.
 Help me to spread the news of the Final Covenant to prepare the world for the
Second Coming of Jesus Christ, without fear in my heart.
 Grant me Your special Graces and Blessings to rise above persecution, inflicted upon me by Satan, his demons and his agents on Earth.
 Never allow me to fear Your enemies.
 Give me the strength to love my enemies and those who persecute me in the Name of God. Amen.
(141) Protection against
persecution Dear Jesus, defend me in my battle to remain true to Your Word at any cost.
 Safeguard me against Your enemies.
 Protect me from those who persecute me because of You.
 Share in my pain.
 Ease my suffering.
 Raise me in the Light of Your Face, until the Day You come again to bring Eternal Salvation to the world.
Forgive those who persecute me. Use my suffering to atone for their sins, so they can find peace in their hearts and welcome You with remorse in their souls on the last Day. Amen.
(142) Preparing for death
 My dearest Jesus, forgive me my sins.
 Cleanse my soul and prepare me to enter Your Kingdom.
 Grant me the Graces to prepare for my unification with You.
 Help me to overcome any fear.
 Grant me the courage to
prepare my mind and my soul, so that I am fit to stand before You.
 I love You. I trust in You.
 I give You myself in body,
mind and soul for eternity.
 Let Your Will be mine and
release me from pain,
doubts or confusion. Amen.
(143) To protect the Mission of Salvation
O Mother of Salvation, protect this Mission, a Gift from God, to bring Eternal Life to all of His children everywhere. Please intervene, on our behalf, through your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to give us the courage to carry out our duties to serve God at all times and especially when we suffer because of this. Help this Mission to convert billions of souls, in accordance with the Divine Will of God and to turn those hearts of stone into loving servants of your Son.
Give all of us who serve Jesus in this Mission to overcome the hatred and the persecution of the Cross and to welcome the suffering that comes with it, with a generosity of heart and with full acceptance of what may come ahead. Amen.

(144) To protect the Christian Faith
O Mother of Salvation, please intercede on behalf of the souls of Christians all over the world. Please help them to preserve their faith and to remain loyal to the Teachings of Jesus Christ. Pray that they will have the strength of mind and spirit to uphold their faith at all times. Intercede, dear Mother, on their behalf, to open their eyes to the Truth and to give them the Grace to discern any false doctrine, presented to them in the Name of your Son.
Help them to remain true and loyal servants of God and to renounce evil and lies, even if they have to suffer pain and ridicule because of this.
O Mother of Salvation, protect all your children and pray that every Christian will follow the path of the Lord, until his dying


(145) Fill me with Your Gift
of Love
Dearest Jesus, fill me, an empty vessel, with the Gift of Your Love. Flood my soul with Your Presence. Help me to love others as You love me. Help me to be a vessel of Your Peace, Your Calm and Your Mercy. Open my heart always to the plight of others and give me the Grace to forgive those who reject You and who trespass against me. Help me to proclaim Your Love through example, as You would do were You in my place. Amen.

(146) Protection against deception
Dear Mother of Salvation, protect me with the Grace of protection against deceptions, created by Satan to destroy the faith of Christians. Protect us against those who are the enemies of God. Keep us safe from lies and heresy, used to weaken our love for your
Son. Open our eyes to untruths, deception and every attempt we may encounter to encourage us to deny the Truth.


(147) God the Father, show Mercy on those who deny
Your Son O God, my Eternal Father, I ask You to show Mercy on those who deny Your Son. I plead for the souls of those who try to destroy Your prophets. I beg for the conversion of
souls, who are lost to You and I ask that You help all Your children to prepare their souls and amend their lives, in accordance with Your Divine Will, in anticipation of the Second Coming of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

(148) Come to my aid
O My Jesus, help me, in my time
of great distress. Hold me in Your Arms and take me into the refuge of your Heart. Wipe away my tears. Calm my resolve. Lift my spirits and fill me with Your Peace.
Please grant me this special request (mention it here…).
Come to my aid, so that my request is answered and that my life can become peaceful and in union with You, Dear Lord.
If my request cannot be granted, then fill me with the Grace to accept that Your Holy Will is for the good of my soul and that I will remain faithful to Your Word, forever, with a kind and gracious heart.


(149) To Seek God’s Love
O Jesus, fill me with the Love of
God. Fill me with Your Divine Light and flood me with the love I need to spread the seed of God’s Mercy amongst all nations.
Allow Your Divine Love to be spread by me amongst all those with whom I come into contact. Spread Your Love, so that it alights upon all souls, all faiths, all creeds, all nations – like a mist to enrapture all God’s children in unity. Help us to spread God’s Love, so that It can and will conquer all evil in the world.


(150) To save the souls of non-believers:
Dear Jesus, I ask You to save all those who, through no fault of their own, refuse to acknowledge You. I offer to You my suffering to bring You the souls of those who reject You and for the Mercy You will pour out over the whole world. Have Mercy on their souls. Take them into Your Heavenly Refuge and forgive them their sins.

(151) To Defend the Faith:
O Mother of God, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of
Salvation, Pray that we remain loyal to the True Word of God at all times. Prepare us to defend the Faith, to uphold the Truth
and to reject heresy.
Protect all your children in times of hardship and give each of us the Graces to be courageous when we are challenged to reject the Truth and renounce your Son.
Pray, Holy Mother of God, that we are given the Divine Intervention to remain Christians, in accordance with the Holy Word of God. Amen.

(152) Help me in my hour of helplessness
 Dear Jesus, Help me in my hour of helplessness.
 Free me from sin and open my eyes, my heart and my soul to the deceit of the devil and his wicked ways.
 Fill me with Your Love when I feel hatred in my heart.
 Fill me with Your Peace when I feel grief.
 Fill me with Your Strength when I am weak.
 Save me from the prison within which I find myself, so that I can be free and be held safely in Your Sacred Arms. Amen.

(153) The Gift of Protection
for children: O Mother of God, Mother of Salvation, I ask that you consecrate the souls of these children (List them here…) and present them to your beloved Son.
Pray that Jesus will, through the Power of His Precious Blood, cover and protect these little souls with every kind of protection from evil.
I ask you, dear Mother, to protect my family in times of great difficulties and that your Son will look favorably upon my request to unite my family in one with Christ and grant us Eternal Salvation. Amen

(154) Feast Day of Mother June 4th, 2014 first day recieved as a feast day by Maria

Mother of Salvation Prayer:
O Mother of Salvation, I place before you today on this day, June 4th, the Feast Day of the Mother of Salvation, the souls of the following (list names).
Please give me and all those who honor you, dear Mother, and who distribute the Medal of Salvation, every protection from the evil one and all those who reject the Mercy of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and all the Gifts He bequeaths to humanity. Pray, dear Mother, that all souls will be granted the Gift of Eternal Salvation. Amen.

(155) For Protection of the
Mission of Salvation
O dearest Mother of Salvation, hear our call for the protection of the Mission of Salvation and for the protection of God’s children.
We pray for those who defy the Will of God in this great moment in history. We ask that you protect all those who respond to your call and the Word of God, to save everyone from the enemies of God. Please help release those souls, who fall prey to the deceit of the devil and open their eyes to the Truth.
O Mother of Salvation, help us poor sinners to be made worthy, to receive the Grace of perseverance at our time of suffering in the Name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Protect this Mission from harm. Protect your children from persecution. Cover all of us with your Most Holy Mantle and favor us with the Gift of retaining our faith, every time we are challenged for speaking the Truth, for conveying the Holy Word of God, for the rest of our days now and forever. Amen.

(156) Protection from hatred

Dear Jesus, give me Your Love and open my heart to accept Your Love with gratitude. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, let Your Love shine upon me, so that I become a beacon of Your Mercy. Surround me with Your Love and let my love for You dilute every kind of hatred, which I encounter when I spread the news of Your Word. Pour out Your Mercy upon us
and forgive those who reject You, insult You and who are indifferent to Your Divinity and give them the Gift of Love. Let Your Love shine through at times of uncertainty, weak faith, in times of trials and suffering and by the Power of the Holy Spirit help me to bring the Truth to those who are in most need of Your Help. Amen.

(157) For souls in captivity
O dear Jesus, release those souls who are slaves to false gods and Satan. Help us through our prayers to bring them relief from the pain of possession.Open the gates of their prison and show them the path to the Kingdom of God, before they are taken hostage by Satan into the abyss of Hell. We beg You, Jesus, to cover these souls with the Power of the Holy Spirit, so they will seek out the Truth and help them to find the courage to turn their backs on the snares and wickedness of the devil. Amen.

(158) Protect me from the
one world religion

Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the new one world religion, which does not come from You. Sustain me on my journey to freedom, along the path to Your Holy Kingdom. Keep me in union with You, whenever I am tormented and forced to swallow lies, which are spread by Your enemies to destroy souls. Help me to withstand persecution, to remain firm to the True Word of God against false doctrines and other sacrileges, which I may be forced to accept.Through the Gift of my free will, take me into the Domain of Your Kingdom, to enable me to stand up and proclaim the Truth, when it will be declared to be a lie. Never let me falter, hesitate or run away in fear, in the face of persecution. Help me to remain
firm and steadfast to the Truth for as long as I live. Amen.

(159) Plea for God’s Love
O Mother of Salvation, I ask you to intercede on my behalf as I plead for God’s Love. Fill my soul, an empty vessel, with the Love of God, so that when it is overflowing, it will spill over the souls for whom I struggle to show compassion. By the Power of God, I ask that I am freed from any feelings of hatred I may harbor for those who betray your Son. Humble me in spirit and fill me with generosity of soul so that I can follow the Teachings of Christ and spread His Love into every part of my life. Amen.

(160) Help me to love You more:
 Jesus of mine, Savior of the world, help me to love You more.
 Help me to grow in my love for You.
 Fill my heart with Your Love and Compassion, so that I can attain the Graces to love You in the way that You love me.
 Fill my ungrateful soul with a deep and abiding love for You and all that You represent.
 By the Power of Your Graces
help me to love my neighbor as You love every child of God and to show compassion to those who are in need of Your Love and who are without faith.
 Unite me in union with You, so that I can lead the Christian life, which You taught us by Your example during Your Time on Earth. Amen.
Me becoming intentions to vow my life to the Lay Missionary of Charity Movement Pastor Fr Francis and youngest son Thomas Isaiah /http://www.jesuskingoftheremnant/” title=”Jesus King of Mankind”>


April 5, 2015


This is amazing historical truths and occurances in these last days.

The Lord is giving us a way to recognize the hour we are living in.

I want to give praise to the name of Jesus. Repent, be born again and love others in Jesus through holiness and goodness of God’s unending love and truth of his only begotten son for our redeemer truly is alive.

It been a journey like no other and for we are his children he chose me and you for love and hope for future in the Kingdom of Christ.

A new Paradise is coming on earth and will be filled with great happiness on that day when Jesus returns at his Second Coming.

Many have ignored the call though let us rejoice and be glad that those who responded and said yes to Jesus will listen and harden not theirs hearts at the Warning.


Message from God OUR ABBA Father Crusade Prayer (8) The Confession: “Dearest Jesus, I ask Your pardon for all my sins and for the hurt and injury I have caused to others. I humbly pray for the graces to avoid offending You again and to offer penance according to Your Most Holy Will. I plead for the forgiveness of any future offense, which I may partake in and which will cause You pain and suffering. Take me with You into the New Era of Peace, so that I may become part of Your family for eternity. I love You, Jesus. I need You. I honour You and everything You stand for. Help me, Jesus, so that I may be worthy to enter Your Kingdom. Amen.”

April 2, 2015

Read during and after warning

The Global Confession Prayer

Crusade Prayer (8) The Confession: “Dearest Jesus, I ask Your pardon for all my sins and for the hurt and injury I have caused to others. I humbly pray for the graces to avoid offending You again and to offer penance according to Your Most Holy Will. I plead for the forgiveness of any future offense, which I may partake in and which will cause You pain and suffering. Take me with You into the New Era of Peace, so that I may become part of Your family for eternity. I love You, Jesus. I need You. I honour You and everything You stand for. Help me, Jesus, so that I may be worthy to enter Your Kingdom. Amen.”
God the Most High: My Power exceeds all that is of this world and beyond it

Saturday, January 10th, 2015 @ 15:36
My dearest daughter, humanity has turned against Me and all that I created in My Image and, for that, My Sorrow is great.

My children will be saved by the Intervention of My dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and this will take place very soon. Before this day I ask all those who love Me to acknowledge the Truth; My Son and His Love to pray for His Mercy.

You, who love My Son, must remember His Promise to redeem the world and eradicate sin before His Glorious Kingdom descends. Life of the body and the soul will be eternal and those who accept My Son’s Mercy will gain this great Gift. Those who don’t, will not.

Come, My children, and accept My Word for it is eternal and nothing will destroy it. My adversary seethes with anger at this time because he knows that the world will be rid of his influence and he will unleash terrible hardships upon those souls he desires to deny, the Gift of eternal life.

You will be tested beyond endurance in your faith in the most Holy Blessed Trinity, and many of you will fall. True faith requires real trust and, unless you trust in the promises made by My Son, you will become separated from Him.

Every single child of Mine will be given the proof of My Existence shortly. When this sign is given, do not doubt it, for it is to bring you into My Refuge that I bequeath it to you.

Many signs have been given to the world of My Existence and now I bring you much more. Fear not for I will pursue every soul and there is not one amongst you that I do not love with a tender heart. I love My enemies, including those who torture Me with their wickedness. But, soon, the Gift I will bring them will awaken a dormant love for their Creator within their hearts. Their love and My Divine Love, combined, will defeat evil. I will wipe away all their fears and tears.

You, My dear children, will be given this Gift when you are least expecting it. For, that time is drawing nearer and the face of the world will be changed forever and for the good of all.

My Power exceeds all that is of this world and beyond it. My Kingdom is everlasting.

Your beloved Father

God the Most High

Churches need love in them to be Jesus example and hope

April 2, 2015

Read please all after the warning

When love is missing I am absent in the soul

Friday, January 9th, 2015 @ 15:30
My dearly beloved daughter, it is time for Christians all over the world to unite against the contempt being shown by billions against the Truth – the Holy Word of God.

Every sin against God is now deemed to be acceptable in My Eyes. Sins that are abhorrent to Me will soon be presented as being holy in My Eyes but this can never be. When you present anything, which does not come from Me and place it before me in My Churches, then you cause Me great pain.

It has never been so difficult for Christians to follow My Thorny Path as it is today. Lies, lies, lies, are being given to you in My Name and you must never forget My Teachings or you will be deceived by those who plot against the Word of God. To be a Christian requires much more than declaring to be one. If you are a true Christian then you will do all that I taught and follow Holy Doctrine contained in the Holy Bible. To acknowledge My Word is one thing but to carry out what I taught is another.

To love one another is never easy because of the existence of sin. To love your enemies places a great burden upon you but if you pray for the graces to do so, then you will find that your love for Me grows. If you love Me truly you will be free of hatred, and then you will find true peace of the mind and the soul. If you allow Satan to tempt you into hating others you will fall into a terrible darkness. Hatred is like a weed that grows and spreads rapidly. When hatred festers in the soul it will, eventually, devour it entirely. It will bring with it a distressing disquiet and those who are filled with it will never find peace. Hatred breeds hatred and spreads quickly from one soul into the next. Once Satan establishes himself in these souls he will never leave them until they repent and show true remorse.

Love quells every kind of hatred but, unless you remove your souls from those who incite hatred, you will be plunged into despair. I cannot save a soul who will not repent of their wickedness. I await your confession and when you come to Me and beg Me to relieve you of the curse of hatred, I will reach out and pull you by the hand back into My Refuge of Peace.

Peace and love can only come from God. Always seek Me out for I Am Love. When love is missing I am absent in the soul.

Your Jesus

Cry of the Persecuted Syriac Christians: ‘What Is Our Future Here?’

April 1, 2015

Here the cry ? Hear everyone the Cry of the Poor and the poor Christians need our prayers and support.

Cry of the Persecuted Syriac Christians: ‘What Is Our Future Here?’.